What is Baby Care?

What is Baby Care?

When mother and baby are united for the first time, a very special bond is created – a lifetime bond. Taking care of your baby during those initial stages may be challenging, but once you’ve established a set baby care routine, everything will start to fall into place.


Even though most mothers instantly bond with their baby, it’s all about getting to know each other and feeling comfortable. The time you spend caring for your baby in those early stages is crucial bonding time.


There are many precious moments to look forward to while spending time with your baby– be it bath time, changing nappies or tucking them in for bed. You only get to enjoy these moments once!


It’s well known that babies have the smoothest and most delicate skin, which requires special care to keep it healthy. As it is still developing and hasn’t fully formed its protective properties yet, it can be prone to redness and irritation and sensitive to different ingredients such as alcohol.

The nappy area is particularly sensitive, as it is often damp and in contact with urine. Keeping this area clean and comfortable is essential to having a happy baby. As it’s often. NIVEA Baby Pure & Sensitive Wipes clean maintaining the natural pH5 value of the skin.

Nappy rash is a very common condition in babies and almost every baby will experience it at some point and to a certain extent. The rash can be caused by a bacterial infection, new foods or simply friction from wetness. Changing your baby’s nappy and cleaning the nappy area frequently are both essential steps in avoiding nappy rash. Use NIVEA Baby Bottom Ointment in addition to create a barrier and keeping the nappy area dry and comfortable.

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