Medical Oxygen Cylinders


Medical Oxygen Cylinders price in BD

Rental of medical oxygen cylinders or external SALO oxygen cylinders-the Medical Oxygen Cylinders price in BD are marked with color. The top of them is white, while the rest of the body is black. (Black body, white shoulders). Different sizes; the ideal and commonly used medical gas cylinders are as follows: Large-with a capacity of 6,900 liters, a height of about 54 inches, a weight between 55 and 60 kg, continuous use at a rate of 2 liters/min, the service life of the gas cylinder Extremely short. 24-hour room size: the capacity is 1320 liters. Also called the middle cylinder or space cylinder.It is about 2.5 feet tall and weighs 15 to 17 kilograms. When used continuously at a speed of 2 l/min, this cylinder will last at least 6 hours. Pen size-capacity is 660 liters. Boyle machine oxygen cylinder.

(Boyles instruments are used to relieve pain during surgery.) The Medical Oxygen Cylinders price in BD is about one and a half feet tall and weighs 8 to 9 kilograms. It has different connections (pin indexing system), so it can be directly connected to Boyles machines. Portable size: The capacity is 330 liters. It is about a foot tall and weighs about 2-3 kg. Weight, usually used for travel, and very light. All other cylinders can be used for patients who need oxygen at home.

Medical Oxygen Cylinders price in Bangladesh

Features: chemical analysis, used for quality control of oxygen samples, which separates impurities such as halogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other impurities, and only provides pure medical oxygen. All oxygen cylinders have undergone a hydrostatic inspection. Set for daily work or traffic jams. Door-to-door service. We also provide Medical Oxygen Cylinders price in BD to family patients. We also provide accessories at reasonable prices, such as FA valves, wrenches, sleeves, humidification bottles, etc. The delivery of the Capron Concentrator The gas facility has provided oxygen to more than 200 hospitals, nursing homes and family patients from Bandra to Dahisar.

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