Hospital Bed 3 Function


Medical Bed Price in Bangladesh

Medical Bed Price in Bangladesh 3 Function.  High Low, 3 Function manual bed.  The perfect solution for nursing homes and private homes as this bed has a high-low facility as well as full fowler positioning – adjustable backrest and adjustable knee break.  Ideal with patients who have difficulty getting into and out of the bed, just lower then raise.   This is the manual version, for a full electric 3 function please see Bed 3 Function electric.


  • Winding backrest
  • Winding knee section
  • ABS Head/Foot boards
  • Folding bed sides
  • Removable head and foot ends
  • Bed height without mattress 400 – 750 mm
  • Estimated dimensions 2200 x 1100 x 510 mm

3 Function Hospital Bed Price in BD

Please note that the position range of some manual beds is different from the position range of electric beds. Therefore, when patients need to be placed in different locations, the Medical Bed Price in Bangladesh may be the best choice. Manual beds are usually much cheaper. Therefore, if there is an assistant who can do the job, manual hospital beds are definitely the cheapest method. Semi-electric hospital bed: The semi-electric hospital bed is equipped with an electric motor to control the necessary settings of the legs and head, so you can easily change these positions with the push of a button. However, the bed height is still manually set.

If the patient needs to change the headrest and legs frequently, a semi-electric bed may be the ideal choice. The price of Medical Bed Price in Bangladesh is usually more expensive than manual beds. However, they also have the added benefit of eliminating the manual labor of adjusting the head of the bed. Fully Electric Hospital Bed-Plug the electric bed into a power outlet and control it via the remote control, usually plug it into the power outlet. By the bed. The different positions can be easily changed, so no manual operation is required. In addition to foot and head control, the height of the fully electric bed can be easily changed with the push of a button.

3 Function Hospital

This may be important if the patient needs to lower the bed frequently to get in and out of the bed more safely, and then need to raise the bed again so that the caregiver can easily reach the patient.In Medical Bed Price in Bangladesh, when there are three main types of hospital beds when needed, all-electric hospital beds have become the price choice for medical beds. There are several other bed options. For patients with a high risk of getting up, a high-low bed may be the best and safest choice.

The bed was 7 inches above the floor. If the patient falls, the fall is obvious. In this case, floor mats should also be used to prevent falls to minimize possible injuries. you could. Another way to avoid falls completely is to use full-length or half-length bed rails to prevent the patient from falling. Another option to choose from is a weight loss Medical Bed Price in Bangladesh or a high-performance hospital bed designed for patients weighing between 350 and 1,000 pounds. They are said to be stronger and broader, and can meet the needs of obese patients. Slimming beds are usually much more expensive, but in many cases there may not be many options.

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